these aren't the droids you're looking for (gelasius) wrote in miracle_fen,
these aren't the droids you're looking for

[mod post?]

So. *clears throat*

Hi, I'm your friendly invisible mod. Y'all probably had no idea, because until today the _moderator_ line on the profile page said something about thran. There was an old, old community bio up there too. Well, I created this comm and thran is me and I am gelasius, if you follow me; and I am invisible because it just so happens that I drifted out of Miracles fandom almost as quickly as I fell into it. This is a sad state of affairs that I am slowly remedying.

However! If there is still any sort of interest in keeping this community running, awesome. If someone else, someone more involved perhaps? would like to wield the mighty mod hammer in my place (and maybe change the blah layout, etc, etc), drop me a comment here or email me at gelasius at livejournal and it shall be done.

Carry on. :)
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