Emma DeMarais (emmademarais) wrote in miracle_fen,
Emma DeMarais

Miracles fic and vids for a good cause

Hi all /waves/

Emma here. Miracles fan from day one, but never actively involved in the fandom (too busy cursing ABC's ineptitude and weeping over the cancellation I guess, though I did campaign for the DVDs and lust after cheer over the Canadian airings.)

The wonderful deejay and the fab killabeez - whom you all know - have inspired me to join them at Sweet Charity, a charity auction where fandom gets to do good. I've just started writing Miracles fic and would love to write the fandom for at least one of my winning top 3 bids.

There are fic and videos available for bidding in many fandoms, but IMHO we *need* more Miracles fic and vids!

I hope you'll check out the site and consider bidding for such a good cause.

The auction ends this Saturday so don't wait!
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